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Liberal Tears

Liberal Tears

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You know you don’t get much traffic when…

When you forget to close an HTML tag and no one bothers to even tell you!
Been there since the 25th of September and it screwed up everything below it, but its fixed now.


Quote Of The Day

The “Racist Card” is worn so thin thats its more hole than it is card.


Government Shutdown?

So I am posting this on Sunday, and don’t know how this will all turn out, but I wanted to point out that I am ALL FOR a government shutdown, or as it is more accurately called, a “slowdown.” And lets be upfront about something here. A shutdown or slowdown would not affect the credit rating of the US Gov. They take in $250 billion a month, and only need to pay out $30 billion a month to avoid a default. That leaves $220 billion a month to pay for other things, or a whopping $2.64 TRILLION a year to pay for other things!

When you look at the full amount brought in, (250 x 12) you get $3 Trillion. That is slightly more than the entire 2008 budget! Its amazing to me that such a fuss would be made over funding the government at a 5-6 year old level. But then I watch people like Sen Barbara Boxer claim, with a straight face, that Obama has cut the deficit in half and I remember that a strong plurality of voters have no clue about anything and listen to such tripe, and its no longer amazing, and just sad.

You can watch Sen Barbara Boxer here


Police Brutality: Chattanooga Edition

Found this story in my facebook feed, and am outraged by it.

Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley were fired for excessive force on a suspect, henceforth called the victim. The man was indeed resisting arrest, but during the time of the beating it was entirely passive resistance, and as such did not deserve the treatment given. The treatment? 50+ blows with a baton, 45 of them delivered by Sean Emmers, and 12+ punches to the face delivered by Adam Cooley.

The City acted appropriately when they fired these two thugs, but a judge has restored these criminals to their “beat” which is an unfortunately accurate word for them. However, there is still time to get this appealed. You can contact the people below to put some pressure for an appeal

Mayor Andy Berke
Phone: (423) 643-7800

Can’t find a decent contact for the Police Chief, but perhaps internal affairs might be the way to go about contacting them?
Office phone(423) 425-7300,
Fax (423) 757-2020


Up to 50,000+ viewers!

Look! Proof I am just as popular as certain important authors!!!

I can haz advertizers now plz?!?!


Slept with 200 men, but not a “slut”

Okay, this one is just too good.

Biannca Lake, 28, claims to have slept with 177 men, and since then even more and that she is starting to lose count, but denies that she is a slut

Better, the article gives us this gem: Morally, she does not believe what she is doing is wrong because she uses condoms.

Condoms folks. Condoms… Honestly, there is just no reason to comment on this story. Just go ahead and laugh