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On the history of fireworks

Remember Marco Polo? A native of Venice, he is remembered for traveling the Silk Road to China. Marco was a Christian man and his travels have been studied down through the years. Travel was difficult in that era and Marco recorded his travels and difficulties to be passed on in the annals of time.

It is said that Marco Polo was impressed with the fireworks in the country of China while he was there. Especially the rockets. He was told that when shot into the air, they would explode, making noise and creating magnificent colorful patterns.

The problem was that many Chinese people made fireworks, but not many wanted to demonstrate how they worked. Time after time he was told, yes we make fireworks but we will not shoot them in the air here.

Finally he was told of a place where the fireworks were shot in the air every night. The place was an old military stronghold at the community of “Chu Lai”.

When Marco Polo arrived there, he asked the question, Why here?

The simple answer, he was told, is that it is a Chinese tradition to set off fireworks on the “Forts of Chu Lai”


Cat vs Printer

NSFW language, but you know you have been there with some computer equipment or other. (o=


When White Knighting Is Good


Heard On The Radio

Radio stations often play little snippets that plug their station, many times trying to get them to listen to their morning show as I guess thats where the big ratings are. Anyways, heard one such ad on a local station and was expecting to hear the usual but instead heard this:
“If you wanted to listen to idiots talk all morning, you would have gotten married”


Fun With Lawyers

Yeah, I know, sounds unlikely, but here are a few good examples.

The FBI sent a cease and desist order to Wikipedia regarding its use of the official FBI insignia that adorns the page for the FBI. The FBI decided to try misapplying and misquoting the law but in this case the lawyers for the targeted company were not cowed. Wikipedia’s lawyers write in part: Entertainingly, in support for your argument, you included a version of 701 in which you removed the very phrases that subject the statute to ejusdem generis analysis. While we
appreciate your desire to revise the statute to reflect your expansive vision of it, the fact is that we must work with the actual language of the statute, not the aspirational version of Section 701 that you forwarded to us.

As well as other beautiful snark such as You may recall that in my initial email response to your estimable
Assistant General Counsel, Mr. Binney,

It reminds me of the letters that Piratebay sends back to lawyers that contact them. If you have the time, their Legal Threats page is an entertaining read


Girl Directions

I came across this funny video that I know many of us will identify with.

Caution: Language


Scottish Barstool

Need to get me one of these!