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Gout Cure: Update

UPDATE: For additional info please see this new blog on gout: About Gout: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Relief

My previous post on gout has been, by far, my most popular post and I feel it is time to update so as to give better information out there to those searching for a remedy to an extremely painful problem.

My previous post talked about how I found some relief using alkaline raising products from plain old baking soda in a solution of water as well as alkaline drops. I did indeed get some relief from that, but it wasn’t ever enough. The attacks were coming even more frequently and I had been on a cane for months. I couldn’t really even walk without that cane, so I eventually bought a second one to ensure that I would never be without it. I would leave one in my car and one in my house so one would always be near. Even still, sometimes I had to resort to using crutches as it was just too painful to put any pressure on my feet. But what is worse, is that gout eventually attacked my knees. I thought I had already experienced the worst that gout could do, but when it hit my knees I was in for a whole new world of hurt. I couldn’t move and just wanted to throw up from the pain. (Do NOT let it get to your knees!!! My recommendations below are nothing compared to that pain, trust me.)

Well, I finally decided to get on gout medication, Allopurinol in my case. I had been putting it off because of the potential for horrendous side effects. I was on it for only three days when I became terribly ill. I wasn’t sure tho if it was the medicine as I worked in a petri dish of an office: overcrowded and with lots of sick people; tho up to that point I had stayed completely healthy (aside from the gout that is.) So I stopped the med immediately and resumed it a week after I was better. Well, I did indeed have a negative reaction to that medicine. I ended up with an itchy rash that stayed with me for almost three weeks after stopping the med. I also learned that a decreased immune system is one of the side effects so I can safely blame the illness on it as well.

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So what is the update? One of the visitors to the previous post pointed me to an article on Wikipedia about Hyperuricemia.

High dietary intake of fructose contributes significantly to hyperuricemia.[11][12][13] In a large study in the United States, consumption of four or more sugar-sweetened soft drinks per day gave an odds ratio of 1.82 for hyperuricemia.[14] Increased production of uric acid is the result of interference, by a product of fructose metabolism, in purine metabolism. This interference has a dual action, both increasing the conversion of ATP to inosine and hence uric acid and increasing the synthesis of purine.[15] Fructose also inhibits the excretion of uric acid, apparently by competing with uric acid for access to the transport protein SLC2A9.[16] The effect of fructose in reducing excretion of uric acid is increased in people with a hereditary (genetic) predisposition toward hyperuricemia and/or gout.

So what I see in this article is that my consumption of fructose is destroying my bodies ability to remove uric acid from my body and at the same time, increasing the production of painful gout crystals which would end up in my joints. As I had mentioned in my previous post on the subject, I already knew that soda and gatorade caused my gout. I was sure of it, despite doctors telling me that there was no chemical transformation that would turn the ingredients in soda into uric acid. Turns out, it doesn’t need to turn to uric acid as it added to it in different ways.

So to answer the question I see all the time: YES, gatorade can cause your gout. Gatorade uses Fructose to sweeten their drinks and so consuming Gatorade (Or Powerade) can indeed cause your gout. Soda’s are probably worse though, as they use High-Fructose corn syrup for a sweetener and they are more calorically dense, meaning even more fructose per ounce consumed. Worse, any sugar can cause this problem as regular sugar (sucrose) contains fructose as well.

The best answer, is to avoid as much sugary foods and drinks as possible. This includes soda, sports drinks and candy. Its not real easy, and I still drink a real Coke from time to time, but I have had to switch to diet sodas and chocolates like a snickers bar instead of my preferred skittles and starbursts. Now, I am still, after three months, not of the opinion that diet sodas taste very good. What I have found to work for me is to have numerous types of diet sodas so that I can have a different type each time I grab a can. Whereas in the past I could have Coke or Dr Pepper in my fridge and for months never think twice about the selection, I now have Sprite Zero, Fresca, Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Mug, Diet Cherry Pepsi, and Diet Sierra Mist in my fridge. I also buy Diet Rite as well. None of these will cause gout.

I have been three months gout free except for one weekend where (leading up to it) I had started drinking regular soda again. If you are suffering from gout, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try this. Dietary changes are NEVER easy, but I have no doubt you have already changed your diet to try to stop the pain. This one should provide results pretty quickly.

Just so I don’t fall afoul of lawyers:
1) Its not Gatorade, Coke, or Pepsi et. al. themselves that cause gout, but the fructose which is used as a sweetener. Choose a diet variety instead.
2) “Real” sugar also contains fructose, but in lesser amounts than a High fructose corn syrup. I suggest avoiding both
3) I’m not a doctor. Duh. You should always discuss changes to your diet (and ESPECIALLY your medicine) with your medical practitioner.

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Gout Cure?

UPDATE: For additional info please see this update. Also see this new blog on gout About Gout: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Relief


For those of you who have it or know someone who does, you know just how painful it is. Gout is caused by a buildup of uric acid in the body and that acid crystallizes in the joints acting much like little daggers and feeling the same way. There are medicines to”treat” gout but they all have some pretty horrendous side affects, one such drug can cause your skin to slough off, or in my words, turn you into a zombie! So treating with drugs is rather risky in my mind. Some people find relief from the standard homeopathic things like cherries or cherry juice, but I found exactly zero relief from such things.

The things that cause gout to flare up for me are not the usual dietary things. For instance, the dietary guidelines talk about avoiding organ meats and herring as well as not eating too much meat in general. I fail on the third one (can’t eat wheat so I am rather limited) but the first two aren’t even in my diet (and I don’t eat hot dogs or bologna so I don’t get it there either.)  For me, its drinking too much soda. But its not just that. If I switch from soda and go to my standby of Gatorade I get the same reaction, tho I do drink a lot more gatorade than I do of soda. Now nothing on the internet refers to such a connection and I have been assured by my doctor that there is no chemical reason for that as the sugar in those do not translate to uric acid. I believe my doctor but there has been an undeniable connection there for me.

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So what does work? I found a so-called two-hour cure. The formula is really quite esoteric and outrageously expensive. Seriously! You have to drive to the nearest walmart to pick up a box of baking soda** (Cost: Approx. 50 cents)  and then drive all the way home and mix 1/4 teaspoon with 8 ounces of water and drink that several times per day, never to exceed 4 tsps a day. Guess what? It works! Starts to take the pain and swelling away within 90 minutes for me. But why does that work? I did some searching and as near as I can tell there is no chemical reaction between backing soda and uric acid so it had to be elsewhere.

PH Level

Water has a pH of 7 but the body must maintain the blood’s pH level in a very strict range of 7.35-7.45. Its an incredibly small range with which to work and in order to keep this particular range it will do two things. 1) Store excess acid in body tissue 2) Leech calcium from the bones to bring up the pH. Now the standard western diet is already acidic but when you add in soda it becomes much worse. The linked site shows that Coke has a pH of 2.63 and Gatorade a pH of 2.95. So by drinking these in excess I have been bringing my pH level down. Likely down far enough to bring on a state of acidosis. I can’t prove that perhaps but it is likely seeing as my consumption of soda can be 3-6 cans a day and as I make my own Gatorade using the mix there is no telling just how much of that I drink. Of course, for some most people that isn’t a problem as their body is in proper working condition, but unfortunately I am apparently not one of them.

What I found is that baking soda has a PH of 8.3, whereas water has a neutral PH of 7. So by drinking in this 8.3 PH water mixture I am bringing up my bodies’ pH level from a state of acidosis to one approaching normal. This allows my body to take the acid and put it back in the bloodstream to be processed by the kidneys as it should be. But to be honest, I found the adding of baking soda to be tedious and tho it doesn’t taste bad at all it does make the water “slick” which is rather different. Plus I had to monitor my intake and keep out a separate glass  and it was kinda like medicine so I used it in that manner which means I only took it when I hurt enough to take something for the pain. There had to be something better right?

Well, I found that something better it in the form of Alkaline Water. There are numerous companies*** out there that make drops to add to your water and there is even one company that bottles alkaline water. The latter seems like it might be more expensive in the long run so I chose some drops from Alkazone which were the only ones I could buy locally. The vitamin shop sells them for $21 and and they have proven to be incredibly simplistic and therefore get used with just about every glass of water that I drink throughout the day.
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So for anyone who has gout or knows someone with gout, I strongly urge you to try the baking soda remedy** above and see if it works for you.  If it helps to relieve your gout you may want to consider an easier option in bottled water or drops to add to your water like I use.

* FCC disclaimer: I am not getting free product nor pay for this review. However, I AM open to money or free product if anyone wants to provide it! (o=

** Baking Soda contains a fair amount of salt. Please moderate salt intake while using it or how that fits into a restricted salt intake.

***Another company whose product I would like to try is from ph-ion
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With pH-ion there are two different bottles where the minerals come separately from the alkaline booster whereas Alkazone puts them in the same bottle. Is there a difference? Dunno. However if you are interested in getting pH strips you could compare.