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Diversions: Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is an App available on the Android (and maybe other devices) made by EA and Firemonkey. If you are into racing and need a bit of time to kill on your phone, check it out. It uses the “freemium” model, which means that it is free to download, free to play and you don’t need to sign up or log in for it, but you can buy credits to upgrade your vehicles with. Graphics are really good! There are, IIRC 27 total race track configurations that are all real tracks, with the exception of the fake Australia track that winds thru the city.

Its a bit slow to load, and thats on an HTC One, but when racing its seemless. Controls are pretty easy, it defaults to traction control, automatic braking for the corners and a steering assist, so you can go like that or tune those down as you like, but these make it real easy to start playing. Upgrades are done by cash earned from races as well as gold coins earned when you level up, 3 coins per level.

Going off-road and colliding with cars will damage your vehicle, and you will need to repair it from time to time, but it doesn’t seem to affect the car during the race itself. Which is good news for me, as I cut the corners to pass people (o= Also, they boast of Time Shifted Multiplayer, or TSM, which is that they take the times of people and then assign that to a car in your race. Its not “how” they raced tho. Its the time only, and the cars generally perform in a “professional” manner.


Top 8 Reasons To Go To A Renaissance Festival

Top 8 what? Everyone knows it should be a top 10 this or a top 10 that. To paraphrase Monty Python… Then, shalt thou count to eight, no more, no less. Eight shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shalt be eight. Nine shalt thou not count, nor either count thou seven, excepting that thou then proceed to eight. Ten is right out!

Now that nice weather is finally here (at least for those of you NOT in the northwest) its time to start thinking of outdoor activities and festivals. If you have not been to a Renn Faire before you are missing out! A Renaissance Festival is NOT a freak fest and it is not full of nerds. It is a bit on the bawdy side but at the same time it makes for a great outing with the kids. Here are a few reasons to find one near you.

Used to be the more “traditional” pirate look but since the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, they tend more towards the Johnny Depp look.

Where there are pirates, there are wenches. Some roaming the streets, others serving up huge turkey legs and beer

Belly Dancers
Totally not a sexual thing, but very captivating just as well. The control these ladies exhibit is incredible and you can tell how much they love belly dancing (Ladies, find a class near you and start up right away. And on behalf of all men everywhere I thank you in advance.)

Corsets! (Aka Cleavage)
Seriously, this one doesn’t really need expanding upon, but here goes. Corsets are awesome! And you want your woman to wear them! Taking her to a renaissance festival is a good way to get her not just interested in them but to buy one as well.

All sorts of things to look through. Lots of unique jewelry and period clothing, including handmade goods like chainmail armor, leather boots or even leather pants. Plus tons and tons of swords and shields, both metal and wood. If nothing else, you need them to round out your Zombie Day defenses. Couldn’t find a pic of an armory, so here are some kids enjoying some items commonly available at a ren faire

Where else are you going to see this?

So far my favorite individual entertainer is probably the Bawdy Juggler I saw at the Washington State Renn Faire. Very funny and a very quick wit. But everyone provides entertainment, every last employee from the actors to the serving wenches even down to the guys selling pickles from a barrel.

No mention of the Renaissance festival would be complete without mentioning the fairies! Especially Twig who is not only a tremendous entertainer, but beautiful too. The first is Twig, who can be found at

To find a Renn Faire near you in the US and Canada, go to

If you are feeling the desire to get yourself a costume before you go, Amazon is a great place to start your search as they have basically everything right? Some pirate costumes:

Adult Black/Rust Renaissance Pirate Costume

[Product Description] [Specifications]

In the UK? Click HERE

Womens Sexy Classic Pirate Renaissance Theatre Costumes

[Product Description] [Specifications]

In the UK? Click HERE


Girl Directions

I came across this funny video that I know many of us will identify with.

Caution: Language


Doda Makes Me Happy!

So the other day I was stuck in bathroom due to an unfortunate instance of accidental wheat consumption and the light, being on a timer, went off on me and I was stuck in total darkness. (What retard set the bathroom light to go off after just 3 minutes?!?) So I took out my phone for a bit of light and thought to myself “Self, it’d be really cool if you had something on this phone to entertain you in circumstances like this.”

Well, I took my own advice and put some music videos onto my phone. One of which is Doda Elektroda’s Dzaga. She makes me happy. I smile each time I watch this video and I think you (men) will too.

Oh, and this qualifies as my Weekend Beauty post as well. Can’t do much better than a hot blonde that can sing so I won’t try.


3-D Building Projection

Came across this video and thought it looked pretty cool.

And now for a slightly less legal usage of the same technology


Group Pranks

I just came across this video and got a pretty good laugh out of it.

These group pranks require a fair amount of people but would really make for some incredible fun. Check out this next one too. The very last prank of the video would be relatively easy to pull off with your class or perhaps a youth group.


Space Battleship Yamato: AKA Starblazers

FINALLY a live action movie is coming out! Woot!

However its going to be a while. Doesn’t come out until December and will be in Japanese. No doubt I will have to wait for it to come out on video with subtitles. The website for it is here

I have been watching it in its original Japanese and having to read the subtitles for my boy, who just turned 4 last month. He likes it enough to ask to watch it but only wants to watch one at a time so we aren’t going thru the series too fast. Also, I have noticed that there is a pretty big difference between the dialogue between the Japanese and US versions. The technical terms are better in the US, but the dialogue seems better from the Japanese, or at least the subtitles anyways.