Government Shutdown?

So I am posting this on Sunday, and don’t know how this will all turn out, but I wanted to point out that I am ALL FOR a government shutdown, or as it is more accurately called, a “slowdown.” And lets be upfront about something here. A shutdown or slowdown would not affect the credit rating of the US Gov. They take in $250 billion a month, and only need to pay out $30 billion a month to avoid a default. That leaves $220 billion a month to pay for other things, or a whopping $2.64 TRILLION a year to pay for other things!

When you look at the full amount brought in, (250 x 12) you get $3 Trillion. That is slightly more than the entire 2008 budget! Its amazing to me that such a fuss would be made over funding the government at a 5-6 year old level. But then I watch people like Sen Barbara Boxer claim, with a straight face, that Obama has cut the deficit in half and I remember that a strong plurality of voters have no clue about anything and listen to such tripe, and its no longer amazing, and just sad.

You can watch Sen Barbara Boxer here


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