Police Brutality: Chattanooga Edition

Found this story in my facebook feed, and am outraged by it.

Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley were fired for excessive force on a suspect, henceforth called the victim. The man was indeed resisting arrest, but during the time of the beating it was entirely passive resistance, and as such did not deserve the treatment given. The treatment? 50+ blows with a baton, 45 of them delivered by Sean Emmers, and 12+ punches to the face delivered by Adam Cooley.

The City acted appropriately when they fired these two thugs, but a judge has restored these criminals to their “beat” which is an unfortunately accurate word for them. However, there is still time to get this appealed. You can contact the people below to put some pressure for an appeal

Mayor Andy Berke
Phone: (423) 643-7800
Email: mayor@chattanooga.gov

Can’t find a decent contact for the Police Chief, but perhaps internal affairs might be the way to go about contacting them?
Office phone(423) 425-7300,
Fax (423) 757-2020
email: CPDInternalAffairs@mail.Chattanooga.gov


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