Make DC Listen – Senator Ted Cruz filibusters over Obamacare

Sen. Ted Cruz has been on the floor of the Senate speaking against Obamacare all night long. He is at something like 14 or 15 19 hours now. The issue is largely over cloture, which would end debate in the Senate. Its something that the democrats want in order that they might add in amendments stripping the language defunding Obamacare that the House put in the spending bill, or better, the "continuing resolution" as no budget has been passed since 2009. Now this isn't a true filibuster as apparently a vote on cloture will happen today regardless, but it is good to see, to help get the people informed, and perhaps to get Congress to pay attention to us plebes, aka their employer.

Apparently the twitter hashtag is #MakeDCListen hence the name of this post.

Click here to see the Senator Ted Cruz filibuster over Obamacare


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