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Cosplay Pics X

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Okla. bans banning guns and ammo

Oklahoma Governor signs bill into law banning the confiscation of guns during an emergency. It goes further barring any state or local official from restricting the sale, possession or transportation of firearms and ammunition, even during a declared state of emergency.

Very cool and certainly a law that needs to be emulated around the rest of the States. However, I would offer some suggestions. This needs to also bar Federal officials, and make it a felony to confiscate or ban weapons and/or ammo.


Fake Explicit pic of the good looking S.E. Cupp in Hustler

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Fake explicit pic of S.E. Cupp in Hustler?


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Tens Of Thousands Dead In Ongoing Africa

Of course, the article is from the Onion, but it is somewhat impressive in its ability to state the truth through humor

JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN—According to alarming reports from international relief agencies operating in Swaziland, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and rebel-held sections of Mali, more than 500,000 people have died so far this month from the ongoing Africa plaguing the region.

“At this point, we are unable to keep up with the flood of victims from the continuing Africa,” said World Health Organization director-general Margaret Chan, who called the current Africa the “most urgent and devastating”humanitarian disaster of our time. “By our count, this catastrophic Africa has killed more than 100 million individuals over the past 10 years, and we’re seeing thousands more—many of them helpless infants and children—succumbing to Africa by the day.”

“And unfortunately,” Chan added, “the merciless Africa shows no signs of abating.”

Africa, which affects upwards of 40 million new residents annually, has only grown more deadly over the years. According to WHO figures, many of the afflicted die from Africa or Africa-related complications before they even reach the age of 5.

Africa has always been described as a land of savages, and for most of the continent it continues to be true. From extreme body modifications including genital mutilation, to animalistic religions, to warlords and ethnic cleansing, much of Africa remains the land of savages. The only physical resource that Africa lacks is water so it isn’t for lack of resources that they don’t join the rest of civilization. Its purely the people and their tribalism that keep themselves down.


Adventures in SEO

So I am learning a bit about SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the “art” of getting Google et al to put your page at the top of the list when people are searching for terms. In the past people did this by putting several hundred words in the text of the page that had nothing to do with the page, and were practically lifted out of a dictionary so that when Google or some other search engine crawled the page it would find those words and it would think the page relevant to a great many terms. These words were all “hidden” by being the same color as the background of the page, e.g white on white, black on black, etc. Fortunately search engines have cracked down quite hard on such things, and have been continually refining their algorithms to be better and better and give better results for their users. But this means that it is no longer super easy to get top search engine results.

For this blog, I have attempted a few things, but unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot that can be done with a WordPress blog, and anyways there is no way to monetize a wordpress blog if it is hosted at so whats the point? I blog here at my pleasure, not to get large amounts of hits, not for an ego boost and not for money. So I won’t be doing much with it.

To start with, check your Page rank here: Page Rank

A page rank is how “trusted” your site is, and the number goes from 0-10. This blog is a 3, Elusive Wapiti and Dalrock are both a 4, Vox Day is a 5, is an 8.  My page rank of 3 is enough to get me to the top of Google for several searches, such as “gatorade gout” (and several such combinations) which links back to two different posts of mine. I am on the front page for searches like “manly poetry” and “cosplay pics blog”.  So a 3 is by no means bad.

How to improve Page Rank:

Page rank can be improved by three main things: Longevity, Links, Authority

Longevity: How long has your site been around AND updated on a semi-regular basis. An old site that doesn’t get updated will lose its page rank.

Authority: Largely to do with what it is that you post. Consistency on a topic will improve this, and if the search engines don’t flag you as being a site set up specifically to get high results. Linking plays a big part in this as well

Links: Who is linking to you? And to a lesser extent, who are you  linking to? A search engine takes a sites PR into account when it links to someone. So if a PR 1 site links to you, it doesn’t mean much. But a few links from bloggers like EW or Dalrock mean a fair amount. A link from a site like (PR 8) would really bump up your rating. Similarly, your outbound links “should” have an affect on your PR as well, but I haven’t seen a definitive answer on that.


So what should you do to up your PR? Link, link, link. This is a part of what the blogroll is about. The common practice of link-sharing is a great way of mutually increasing one anothers PR. If you happen to be writing on something someone else posted, link back to them in your post. This is also important with social media like Facebook and Twitter.

When linking, the “anchor text” is used by the search engine to know what the other site is about. So when you link, don’t put “click here”. Much better to put in something like: Gout: Symptoms, Cures, Treatments, Relief or Colorado Photography. This “anchor text” will then be used to say that the following site is about “x” and will then show up higher in the search results. This was done not too long ago when many of us bloggers helped In Mala Fide get to the top of Google for the term vajazzle.

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Cosplay Pics IX Male Edition

Some good, some bad, some scary!
Some of the costumes: The Joker, Gundam, Pokemon, J. Jonah Jameson, Captain America, Star Trek: Captain Jean Luc Picard and Captain Benjamin Sisko, Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, Sailor Moon, Captain Planet, and I think some Final Fantasy along with a few others.
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