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Sorry to hurt your brain!

My apologies in advance, this WILL hurt your brain but it needs to be seen, especially by those with kids or who hope to have them someday.

I will only say this once (today) HOMESCHOOL if at ALL possible!


House passes “steep” “sweeping” cuts?

So the AP published an article titled “House passes sweeping cuts to domestic programs” In the article they later describe these cuts as “steep.”

But just what are the cuts? a “whopping” $61 billion that will likely never make it past the Senate. $61 billion is ONLY 5.2% of the DEFICIT for the fiscal year. Thats only 1.7% of the entire budget. Sweeping? Steep? Shame on you AP for misleading people.

Some more relevant numbers:
2010 Revenue: $2.381 trillion (estimated)
2010 Expenditures: $3.552 trillion (estimated)
2010 Deficit: $1.171 trillion (estimated)
House Cuts: $0.061 trillion (Actual if passed by senate and president)

Mandatory Spending $2.009 trillion
This includes:
$695 billion Social Security
$571 billion Other mandatory programs
$453 billion Medicare
$290 billion Medicaid
$164 billion Interest on National Debt
$11 billion Potential disaster costs

Discretionary Spending $1.368 Trillion
Discretionary includes the military and everything else the government does, including the Depts of Treasury, Transportation, Energy, State, Interior, Justice etc.

Republicans: If we were to cut ALL (put the name of your most hated program here) it wouldn’t get rid of the deficit.

Democrats: If we raised personal income taxes to 100% it would not cover the deficit.

We need to sharply re-evaluate just what it is that we want from our government. We are not the super prosperous nation we once were and can no longer afford to be the world’s policeman, nor can we afford these social programs anymore either. We need to get ourselves out of this mess before we go bankrupt, because at that point we will simply be cutting people/companies/nations off which will be far harder for everyone involved.


Something for Feral

Saw this and thought of Feral over at Something Feral


This is a match? Seriously?

I signed up on OKCupid some time ago. I have had no luck at all from it. But perhaps its that somehow I can “match” women who have NOTHING in common with me. I go through there and see someone that matches fairly highly and then I come across a profile like this:

My Self Summary
Don’t contact me if you can’t do 50 push-ups in a row (real, quality push-ups). I have had complaints about this, but I am at the point where I just cannot stand the prospect of yet another disappointing first date push-up contest. Do not contact me if you can’t spell “grammar”; if you do not know the difference between “your” and “you’re”; if you use the term “irregardless”; or if you’ve said “for all intensive purposes” or “should of.”

I enjoy starting fights for no reason; gossiping about everyone on “The Hills” like I actually know them (Heidi is totally brainwashed by Spencer!!); and drawing anthropomorphic caricatures of rabbits. I’m an avid indoorswoman. In my spare time, I write free-verse, non-rhyming limericks. In elementary school, I was named “girl of the year” 8 years in a row.

I think perfect names for babies are Mercedes and Clooney, (f/m respectively), but this tends to change weekly based on what I read in Us!, lol 🙂 However, I think that actually HAVING kids is the ultimate tool of the patriarchy, and am hoping that Science will develop some sort of artificial womb.

To me, dating is like Fraggle Rock; specifically, the Doozers. They build and build, only to have their structures knocked down. But sometimes it’s fun to knock down people’s hard work, and I guess that’s what justifies it for me. I mean, come on. Life should be fun. That was the first sentence to my third master’s thesis, in which I mathematically proved that insult added to injury equals fun. I know what you’re thinking–how does the Coase Theorum play into this? That’s something I’ll save for our first date 😉

What I’m doing with my life
I really enjoy my job–I get paid to think all day. I do Indian law and commercial defense litigation.

I’m really good at
Casting a broad net. I’ve developed skills in SQL and, languages, law, gymnastics, fitness and nutrition (certified ACE during law school), and lolcat.

I grew up in Denver, went to undergrad here in Seattle, studied abroad in Spain, worked in DC and San Fran, and went to law school in Charlottesville. I opened a champagne bottle with a saber in Slovenia.

The first things people usually notice about me
My cape.

Also, I walk fast. Maybe it’s billing to the nearest 6-minute mark, but I hate inefficiencies. Why walk slow and/or block people that are actually trying to go somewhere (me)? I might “accidentally” elbow slow people when I pass, hoping that they might wonder if they shouldn’t be going a little bit faster or being more cognizant of their surroundings.

Favorite Books Movies, Etc
Books: Chief Joseph and the Flight of the Nez Perce
Movies: Rudy, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, About a Boy, Hable con Ella
Shows: Cougar Town, Arrested Development
Music: Nena Daconte, Alex Ubago, Juanes, Hilltop Hoods
Food: I like good food and good wine. I watch what I eat, but don’t have issues with indulging occasionally.

The six things I could never do without

Heavy Muscle Radio
Calle Sesame

I spend a lot of time thinking about
What is Britney up to? Will Keynesian economics work for the Obama administration? What day is it?

On a typical Friday night I am
pretending I don’t speak English at a local bar.

You should message me if
To limit future inquiry from, to quote Old School, “the guy who probably won’t get in,” here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions:

-yes, I can do over 50 real pushups;
-no, I don’t care or find it alluring that you feel you could beat me up;
-yes, everyone, including me, has heard of crossfit;
-Jan Tana.

-I’m looking for college grads and grad degrees. Just personal preference.

Seriously? She challenges people to push up matches on a first date? Umm, how f’ing childish is that? And she is a match for me?

Life should be fun. That was the first sentence to my third master’s thesis, in which I mathematically proved that insult added to injury equals fun. I know what you’re thinking–how does the Coase Theorum play into this? That’s something I’ll save for our first date So is that before or after the push up contest? But I guess it is good for her that she likes to workout because she also states she likes to start fights.

Its not OKCupids fault really. It can only go off of answers a person supplies to the various questions and the pool of AW is what it is. However, I’ve not exactly been thrilled by the experience so far. “Matches” like that don’t leave one with much confidence that there is anything out there.