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Its Official! Most Important Election Ever!

Yep, you heard it right. “This year 2010 could be the most important election of our time” So says longtime conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly

This makes how many Most-Important-Election-Evers (MIEE) in a row? Personally I am beginning to lose track. Its been used so many times back to back that I am no longer sure just when it started. But yet again its being trotted out to whip up the vote. Granted, there appear to be some big stakes with this election but to be honest, even if the Repugs get both Houses nothing of substance will change. The only real surprise in this election is just how the Democrats could have screwed up so badly as to get the voters to want the Repugs back in office after so soundly rejecting them. Governing in a slightly moderate way would have meant the death of the Republicans for a good decade or even decades as was the case not all that long ago. It shows their foolishness that they could lose such a lead.

Unfortunately for me, I am in a State that picks the Top 2 in the primary regardless of party to send on to the general election. In theory this could be good for third parties. In reality it just means that there will always be only a Repug and a Democrat to vote for in the general election. Thus I am left with two choices, neither of which I approve of. So I will take the third option and not vote for numerous of these so called “races.” I learned that lesson after voting against AlGore, thereby casting “for” Bush, and I have regretted that vote since that time. And because of that lesson, I cannot be whipped into a frenzy to vote for the lesser of two evils, no matter that this is yet another MIEE.

How do you guys feel about this MIEE?


Man Saves (Hoards) Cats, Destroys Environment

I was sent a link to a cutsie story about some guy who disliked cats but thru unforeseen circumstances started taking care of them and eventually built them a village of cat sized buildings. It is a “feel good” story tho if you don’t think too much on it. Predictably, all the comments are about how wonderful this guy is. But not a single commenter, except me of course bothered to think of the consequences of keeping dozens of cats outdoors to destroy the animals that make up the local ecology.

I doubt anyone would have a problem figuring out which are my comments.