iPhone Users Have More Sex

Or so says OK Cupid’s website where they do meta-analysis on the millions of profiles they have access to. They gather statistics on user profiles, contacts, and various data from questions and quizzes and have come up with some interesting info. Like the below statement

“File this under “icebreakers, MacWorld ’11”. Finally, statistical proof that iPhone users aren’t just getting fucked by Apple:”

Per their research, owners of iPhones have had more sexual partners by age 30 than either blackberry or droid users. There is of course a difference between the sexes with the women posting higher numbers than are the men. Its not surprising of course to those who have had their eyes opened to it. It does, however fly in the face of those who insist that the average numbers must match between men and women.

They also post good info on the f-stop of the picture seeming to be relevant but their saying that the nicer the camera the nicer the pic is a no brainer. Nicer cameras (SLRs) are usually only owned by people who know how to use them and are always used when professional pictures are taken so its going to skew the numbers.

They end with this gem and so shall I:

Use a decent camera. Go easy on the flash. Own the foreground. Take your picture in the afternoon. Then visit the nearest Apple store. Done.


1 Response to “iPhone Users Have More Sex”

  1. August 22, 2010 at 12:06 PM

    Hmmm, I don’t have an iphone and I am okay with my daily ‘quantity’ of extra pervers pleasures 😉

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