New Pandemic! We Are All Gonna Die!

You heard it hear first! Line up for the next overhyped much needed vaccine. This news is just in time as the WHO officially declared swine flu “pandemic” was over just yesterday. (they don’t waste any time with these things do they?)

The AP brings us news that there is now a new double plus ungood strain of sooper dooper resistant bacteria out there. So this isn’t the actual start of the new and improved pandemic-that-is-going-to-kill-us-all-if-we-don’t-line-up-for-flu-shots-right-this-instant. However, it is laying the media panic layer down for the next big Big Pharma bailout scare uber deadly* antibacterial resistant strain of the flu.

Just remember that you heard it here first. I suspect to hear calls for this new latest greatest flu no sooner than late winter, but likely not till next year before the regular flu season. Hafta give the proles some time between panics lest it lose its affect upon them

* The Swine Flu is accredited with killing 18,449 people worldwide since 2009. This compared with an average yearly flu death toll in the US alone of 33,000


1 Response to “New Pandemic! We Are All Gonna Die!”

  1. 1 Superpickle
    August 11, 2010 at 3:02 PM

    Oh I read both those stories back to back today at work. I am shaking in my flip flops over the danger.

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