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Computer Transcription Fail

Got a voice mail at work and this is what it transcribed to. Good thing you can play the actual audio!

Hi DMM this is [woman’s name] I am [husbands name] life hey I just want to let you know that we had a power outage out here in [county] and our power just came back on and I got the four messages that you bust on our.

Voice mail unfortunately [hubby] already left for work so I think probably the best way for your reach and if you haven’t already is added in the holler on a cell phone Nordic in the holler on his work number — anyway sorry we can wrap pick up the phone or respond via phone with Eileen since I was out.

Hi if you have any questions give me holler call directly thanks bye.

Note, I removed all actual names. Eileen wasn’t anyone’s name just a failure of the transcription.


iPhone Users Have More Sex

Or so says OK Cupid’s website where they do meta-analysis on the millions of profiles they have access to. They gather statistics on user profiles, contacts, and various data from questions and quizzes and have come up with some interesting info. Like the below statement

“File this under “icebreakers, MacWorld ’11”. Finally, statistical proof that iPhone users aren’t just getting fucked by Apple:”

Per their research, owners of iPhones have had more sexual partners by age 30 than either blackberry or droid users. There is of course a difference between the sexes with the women posting higher numbers than are the men. Its not surprising of course to those who have had their eyes opened to it. It does, however fly in the face of those who insist that the average numbers must match between men and women.

They also post good info on the f-stop of the picture seeming to be relevant but their saying that the nicer the camera the nicer the pic is a no brainer. Nicer cameras (SLRs) are usually only owned by people who know how to use them and are always used when professional pictures are taken so its going to skew the numbers.

They end with this gem and so shall I:

Use a decent camera. Go easy on the flash. Own the foreground. Take your picture in the afternoon. Then visit the nearest Apple store. Done.


When White Knighting Is Good


Heard On The Radio

Radio stations often play little snippets that plug their station, many times trying to get them to listen to their morning show as I guess thats where the big ratings are. Anyways, heard one such ad on a local station and was expecting to hear the usual but instead heard this:
“If you wanted to listen to idiots talk all morning, you would have gotten married”


Wooden Spoons In Break Room

I work at a place that has not one, or even two, but three garbage cans. Trash, recycling and “compost.” Never before have I ever had to put so much thought into just which bin does my trash goes. In an effort to be even more environmentally friendly, my company has switched from one type of compostable “plastic” utensils to another that melts in any sort of heat. To compensate for this they have given us wooden spoons that resemble nothing so much as tongue depressors. They have requested feedback so I wrote the following

Dear Dining Services,

I have long wondered just what it would be like to eat with a tongue depressor. I would find myself at the Dr.’s office pondering this deep question and speculate on whether such a device would cause you to gag while eating yet still allowing for eating?. Well lo and behold, my long standing quest for an answer has finally been fulfilled. This week I was pleasantly surprised to find out that you do indeed get some of the open-up-and-say-ahh gag factor, albeit slight, with the new wooden spoon/tongue depressor stocked in the kitchenettes, while yet still allowing for consumption of food. And it is also comforting to know that should there ever be an outbreak swine/avian/flying pig flu that we will have a ready supply of tongue depressors right here on site (do we get a break on insurance for taking such precautions?)

Thank you for helping me answer this question!

Yours truly,
DoubleMinded Man


New Pandemic! We Are All Gonna Die!

You heard it hear first! Line up for the next overhyped much needed vaccine. This news is just in time as the WHO officially declared swine flu “pandemic” was over just yesterday. (they don’t waste any time with these things do they?)

The AP brings us news that there is now a new double plus ungood strain of sooper dooper resistant bacteria out there. So this isn’t the actual start of the new and improved pandemic-that-is-going-to-kill-us-all-if-we-don’t-line-up-for-flu-shots-right-this-instant. However, it is laying the media panic layer down for the next big Big Pharma bailout scare uber deadly* antibacterial resistant strain of the flu.

Just remember that you heard it here first. I suspect to hear calls for this new latest greatest flu no sooner than late winter, but likely not till next year before the regular flu season. Hafta give the proles some time between panics lest it lose its affect upon them

* The Swine Flu is accredited with killing 18,449 people worldwide since 2009. This compared with an average yearly flu death toll in the US alone of 33,000


People Avoid Taxes? Or The Law Of Unintended Consequences

This article is a bit old but its been on my back burner for a long time and its just time to get rid of it.

Basically its how companies quickly found a loophole in the latest tobacco tax increase and are exploiting it as any sane company would do. This shows us that behavior is driven in many cases by the law. It applies pressure in one area, so people move on to another area until the Gov makes more laws which just alter peoples behavior. And of course it isn’t in just this one area, nor does it apply to businesses only. There are tens of thousands of pages of law that govern our every day activities. Its enough to make one wonder how much different a really free society would be?



I totally failed to put in the link to the original article for the prior article on Holly Hill. I have corrected that at the top of the item. Sorry all!


Career Advice: Young Women/Girls Should Use Their Vaginas?

Thats the advice of psychologist and author Holly Hill.

Holly advises that young women should use their vaginas in the same way that “Men use their biceps, models use their beauty, [and] massage therapist use their hands.” Holly’s advise is more towards a “Sugarbabe” than a traditional sex worker, part wife, part whore, but more expensive than both put together. Apparently Ms Hill was pulling in 1,000 a week as a “sugarbabe” which Hill defines as being “like a sex worker in many ways, except she only has a single customer. She also provides a lot more services, such as the three C’s: cooking, counseling and conversation.

Ms Hill is good looking to be sure, but not $52,000/year good looking and I think the guy could have kept another wife or several mistresses for that much money. But beyond that, just what kind of advice is this? I thought that the whole purpose of feminism was so that women didn’t have to resort to the power of their sex to provide for themselves. Though there has always been an odd exemption for women who trade sex for money. Somehow that is noble to the feminist mind, whereas trading sex for provision in a stable home is selling out to the man.

Actually, I don’t entirely disagree with Ms Hill. Using what she was born with is a good way to make a way in life. I would just argue that marriage provides far more for a woman than does this odd mixture of wife and a hooker. And my biggest problem is that she only throws in 3 Cs. Add in a fourth C for Childcare and I might find myself a sugarbabe!


Fun With Lawyers

Yeah, I know, sounds unlikely, but here are a few good examples.

The FBI sent a cease and desist order to Wikipedia regarding its use of the official FBI insignia that adorns the page for the FBI. The FBI decided to try misapplying and misquoting the law but in this case the lawyers for the targeted company were not cowed. Wikipedia’s lawyers write in part: Entertainingly, in support for your argument, you included a version of 701 in which you removed the very phrases that subject the statute to ejusdem generis analysis. While we
appreciate your desire to revise the statute to reflect your expansive vision of it, the fact is that we must work with the actual language of the statute, not the aspirational version of Section 701 that you forwarded to us.

As well as other beautiful snark such as You may recall that in my initial email response to your estimable
Assistant General Counsel, Mr. Binney,

It reminds me of the letters that Piratebay sends back to lawyers that contact them. If you have the time, their Legal Threats page is an entertaining read


Mom Speaks

This is from Arielle’s blog, The Antenna. I think this is a great comment by poster “Mom” and I wanted to make this comment available over here. I don’t know if Mom blogs or not (thanks to the the new Echo commenting system) so cannot link back to her.

Actually, because a lot of Christians do not think that the “Old Testament” or what they call “the law” is important, they miss a lot of G-d’s heart. Who do you think really wrote it? Was He just being whimsical and decided it wasn’t really important and that when His Son made atonement for sin, then anything goes?

He actually has quite a lot of instruction for sex in the Torah (1st five books – Genesis through Deuteronomy). There are whole sections that define it to only for marriage and the penalty for having it with non-marital partners or animals is death. If a man did take a virgin, then he was to dwell with her unless her father annuled it. Then there is the restriction to not do it while the woman is having her period. Actually, the restriction is for 7 days and then if her period goes over the 7 days, then it is 7 days from when it ends. The penalty for transgressing again is death. Orthodox Jews see it as 7 days from when the period ends, which would be 12 days on the average out of every month that they do not have sex. I’m sure Jewish men are as highly sexed as any other man on the planet but they see and acknowledge G-d’s wisdom in this design. The woman gets a little vacation every month, and in more ancient cultures they had a separate place they spent that week and they were served, so it really was a break for them.

The reason for no relations during the time a woman is “bleeding” is that the contents are the product of the death of the ovum. Semen is a product of life. The two mingling is a mixture then of life and death and G-d hates mixture. He says it is profane. The uncleanness is the death involved, not the woman herself.

A man who is obsessed on sex is probably a sex addict. If he is taking care of his own needs and has to have porn if he isn’t getting sex on a daily basis then there is a problem. It is not an indication that it is a need, but that the man is addicted to the chemical reaction that takes place. His choices to not control himself, but to engage in “pornea” (what it says in Matt 19) show that it is lust he is dealing with and not an actual relationship with his wife. Yeshua/Jesus said to look on a woman other than a man’s wife is sin, so that would be what porn is. If a man masturbates and then his wife actually desires the physical union, but he is not ready because he took care of his own needs, then he has defrauded her. A major part of the nations and the worship of idols was centered around sex if you study it out.

Yes, sex is designed as good and is important to a healthy marriage, but does that marriage become bad if something happens to one or the other partner that the sex part of the marriage is no longer possible? Our relationship is to be deeper than that.

If you study out where G-d made a woman for man because it is not good for a man to be alone, the word “alone” means lonely. Man’s true need is for companionship, and that is what will endure the whole life together. Another place where the man is to show restraint is after the birth of a child and it is 40 days after a male child and twice that for a female child. G-d is protecting the mother and child through that. The woman is more likely to conceive (scientifically proven) during that time until the hormones of nursing her child make her far less likely to conceive. The reason it is longer after a girl baby is because of the female hormones involved, the woman is more likely to conceive for that much longer. It is not in the best interest of the mother or the baby for the mother to be pregnant again right away. A man that cannot wait, is acting selfishly.

So G-d did put boundaries on the sexual relationship in a marriage. He does not want men engaging in lustful behavior (as they do in looking at porn and also in masturbating) He actually does want a man to seek Him first, just as He does a woman. If a man has to put aside his own physical desires, that does make him needy and that need is fulfilled in seeking G-d. That is a truly godly marriage relationship.

It has been expressed on these discussions and also the blog that is being discussed that the reason a man married the woman is for sex. That is not a good foundation and puts the woman in a position that G-d did not intend for her. A woman is so much more than a means of fulfilling a man’s sexual urges. She is the help fit for her husband. That means that she is the part that is missing and he needs her, not the sex. I believe that is one reason that G-d has set boundaries on the sexual relationship in marriage, so she truly knows that she is valued as a person and not just a sexual toy. A man could buy a blow-up doll if that is all he wants.

We are to speak the truth in love, so if the husband needs his wife to wear sexy lingerie, then he should communicate that very clearly in love, not use anger to get his point across. The blog mentioned, does look down on women, if you read through it enough to see it. I think that G-d had the man name all the animals before He made the woman for him to show that the human relationship is set apart from that of the animals. Yes, man has animal urges, but he has a higher calling to put those urges under G-d’s lordship and seek to have a higher relationship with his wife where he truly does love her more than himself. I can tell you that G-d never manipulates us. He says that jealousy and selfish ambition are earthy, selfish and of the devil, so He never uses those to cause us to love Him more. A man is made in His image, he should not do so, either.

I don’t agree 100% but there is a fine line that we Christian men must walk. While some portions of Game are good, others are not and each man needs to find that fine line between enough and too much.