Mexico Pres rejects any effort to “criminalize migration”

This is quite interesting. I didn’t know that the Mexicans had a say in our legislative process. Maybe that was something put in place under NAFTA?

So despite the Arizona law being favored 2-1 by pollsters, the Obama Administration is upset with it and wants to push thru McAmnesty. Altho, they may need to get another name for it as McCain was only for it before he was against it. The ObAmnesty* plan calls improving border security, ensuring employers are held accountable if they try to hire undocumented workers or break other laws, and assigning a series of responsibilities on the millions of people living in the United States illegally. Those include requiring them to pay a penalty and back taxes, learn English and get in line toward becoming a legal resident and citizen of the country. I am with them up till the assigning a series of responsibilities. The only responsibility that they have to this country is to obey its laws. Particularly the ones about immigration. They come across illegally and take that opportunity away from someone who has been following the various rules and regs to migrate legally and this is extremely unjust. This of course on top of the crime, disease, drunken driving and drugs they bring with them and the jobs and fair wages they take from the America citizenry.**

*I just came up with that. I want credit for it and royalty when it gets picked up by Fox News

** To throw something to the Democrats, just think of how much more carbon these illegals are emitting by living in the US compared to how much they would be emitting in Mexico. Its our duty to Gaia to expel these evil selfish carbon emitters to where they can’t do so much harm. Oh yeah, and the expulsion would increase the percentage of the workforce that is unionized thereby providing a living wage for a higher percentage of the population.


3 Responses to “Mexico Pres rejects any effort to “criminalize migration””

  1. May 20, 2010 at 8:45 AM

    I could live with that.

    This whole “we are a nation of immigrants” thing is a bunch of crap. While it is true, it is also true of every place else on the planet, depending on timframe used. Nor should US immigration policy be forever locked into 19th century migration dynamics.

    The USA is no longer an untamed wilderness.

    We have plenty of workers for our factories and service industries.

    We don’t need any more.

    THe cold war is over, so the asylum principles no longer apply. Obviously there are other parts of the world where life is difficult and dangerous. We have no obligation to citizens of that country to allow them to live here instead.

    Like Obama’s aunt. Illegally in the USA and allowed to stay forever because her secret asylum hearing determined that she would be at risk in her home country of Kenya…. just like all the other Kenyans.

  2. 2 anonymous age 68
    May 23, 2010 at 6:47 PM

    Most Mexicans would be glad to be legal. They cannot. So, that argument is not real hot.

    I urge them not to go. “They hate you, don’t go.”

    In the last few weeks, an international HR organization charged Mexico, not the US, with Human Rights violations against illegal immigrants. Seems the Mexican Constitution prohibits taking any action against those who rape, murder, rob and torture illegals in Mexico. A government official said Mexico is guilty of HR violations as charged.

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