Now that I have both a Microsoft and CompTIA cert under my belt I can safely say that the CompTIA certs are MUCH easier.

Today I am sitting thru this practice question:

You work as the network administrator at CertKiller.com. The CertKiller.com network consists of three Active Directory domains named CertKiller.com, euro.CertKiller.com, and
asia.CertKiller.com. All DNS servers in the CertKiller.com network are running Windows Server 2003 and are configured as domain controllers. The CertKiller.com, euro.CertKiller.com, and asia.CertKiller.com DNS zones are Active Directory-integrated zones. DNS management standards at CertKiller.com dictate that all DNS zones have to be replicated using Active Directory.
An Active Directory application partition named eurasiaregion.CertKiller.com has replicas on all domain controllers in the euro.CertKiller.com and asia.CertKiller.com domains. You have recently created another Active Directory application partition, named eurasia.CertKiller.com, on one of the DNS servers in the euro.CertKiller.com domain.
You are asked by the intranet administrator of the Eurasia regional division of CertKiller.com to create a separate DNS zone that will be used to register host names for a regional intranet implementation. The new zone will be named eurasia.CertKiller.com and must be replicated to all domain controllers in the euro.CertKiller.com and asia.CertKiller.com domains, but not the CertKiller.com domain.
You have created the eurasia.CertKiller.com zone. How should you configure the eurasia.CertKiller.com zone to meet these requirements?
To answer, configure the appropriate option/options in the dialog box below.

So here I am trying to wrap my brain around this question, when I really don’t even know what it is talking about, and then there is no ANSWER! AUGH!!!

Can’t wait to get this cert out of the way.


1 Response to “Certifications”

  1. May 6, 2010 at 1:26 AM

    I read the question, and I threw up a little in my mouth.

    The correct answer is, as always, a can of kerosene.

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