Bravery In Action

Bravery is often simply doing that which must be done, and those who do it don’t seem to think much of their actions thinking it is something that anyone would have done. In reality, its not what anyone would have done because most people wouldn’t be able to act in such a manner. Perhaps it is due to their training, where trained motions and pre-thought actions come into play. Perhaps it is a quick mind able to grasp what needs to be done and a body capable of responding to that need. Whatever the case, men such as British Rifleman James McKie need to be celebrated.

McKie was involved in a fire-fight in the Sangin area of Helmand province of Afghanistan when a grenade was thrown onto the roof that was occupied by himself, another soldier and his commander. McKie had the presence of mind to grab it and throw it over the roof, thereby saving their lives. Unfortunately they did not escape unharmed from it but their lives were spared in an area where 6 other British soldiers were killed in the past week.


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