Teachable Moments

Being a parent, it is important to look for teachable moments, times when you can give a child a lesson, whether it be a lesson in life, or science or letters. Sometimes in talking about these things we learn somethings ourselves. Last night we were talking about the dark and my son stated that the Sun was turned off at night. Now we have talked numerous times about how the Earth’s rotation causes day and night, but in looking to explain it yet again I said that “the sun always shines its light” and “to be in darkness we have to turn away from the light.”

It immediately struck me that those words apply in a spiritual sense as well. If we are not in the Light of the Father, most likely it is because we have turned away from Him. If we feel like we are missing out on blessing (raises hand) it is not because that blessing is not there. It is always there, always “shining.” Maybe its just time to turn back to the Father and receive that blessing?


2 Responses to “Teachable Moments”

  1. 1 Will S.
    March 19, 2010 at 6:57 PM

    {Sigh} Indeed. A lesson I am always needing to relearn.

    Remember that Scottish pop duo The Proclaimers, those two brothers who had that hit, “I Would Walk (500 Miles)? They’re Christians, as it happens; I once heard a song of theirs that had a line it which went something like, “Beautiful truth; don’t leave me just because I can’t see you”, which blew me away; a recognition of God’s presence, even from within the shadow. How often do we fail, when we are in the shadow, to trust as David did, even in the Valley of the Shadow of death in Ps. 23, and recognize God’s presence, and take comfort from that?

  2. March 20, 2010 at 6:16 AM

    This is why children truly are a blessing! While teaching them, we learn so much ourselves.

    That’s a beautiful insight.

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