Dead Elephants Are Saddening?

The UK’s Daily Mail has to write an apology on the header of this article about an elephant that apparently died of old age and was quickly stripped of its meat by poor Zimbabweans who need its meat. It is kinda saddening, I suppose, when one considers that the meat by was probably rather tough being from such on old animal, but otherwise it seems to me that it was a G-dsend to these people who are starving. At least the article did mention the cause of the suffering of these people, Robert Mugabe.

The images are undeniably shocking. But they illustrate the terrible lengths to which Zimbabweans are forced to go just to survive under Robert Mugabe.

Conditions are expected to deteriorate further this year following the collapse of agriculture caused by President Mugabe’s violent seizures of thousands of white-owned farms since 2000.

They displaced the whites who owned and worked the land and gave it to blacks who just squat on the land and look for further handouts rather than farming the land and feeding themselves and others.


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