Efficient Wood Burning Stoves

While on the topic, I thought I would highlight a stove created for 3rd world countries, which was developed by students at Colorado State University. They are small cooking stoves that reduce the pollution created and also use the feul more efficiently so as to require less, leaving more money or time available to the user. These stoves have the following advantages to them:

Generally speaking:
• 1 stove increases household income by $50-$75 per year
• 1 stove decreases CO2 emissions by 1-1.5 tons per year
• Up to 80% less smoke and harmful gasses
• Up to 60% less biomass fuel (wood, crop waste, etc)
• Up to 40% reduction in cooking cycle time

For anyone familiar with 3rd world incomes, that can be a huge increase. Take for instance Barack Obama’s half brother who lives on about a dollar a day. That extra $50 or so a year would be like getting a 13-20% raise! Pretty good deal I should think.

Off Topic: My spell check didn’t like Barack, so I thought I would add it and one of the suggestions was “bareback.” You think that software is limited, but sometimes it seems so prescient as to be an oracle.


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