Wheel Of Time: The Movie?

Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time series could be getting made into a movie: Universal Pictures acquired the rights to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series last year in a seven-figure deal, and they plan to adapt the first book in the series, The Eye of the World, to a movie format soon.

I have loved the series since I read the first book some hundred years ago, oh wait, it hasn’t been that long, but the first book was released some 20 years ago and the storyline is still not finished despite the author having passed away. The good news for those of us who enjoy the books is that the author left numerous notes and the final three books are being written by Brandon Sanderson who has already completed and published the first of those three.

As for the movie? I’d say that trying to take on that series is ambitious at the very least! And unless the following for the movies is huge beyond belief it isn’t very likely that the series would be completed if done one movie per book. Even the X-Men movies have petered out for the time being and there is more material and storylines there than could ever be covered by movies. But I can say that I will see the movie should it be released. If you haven’t read the series, I do highly recommend them. Its a fairly original fantasy setting, without the usual orcs and elves and such so it doesn’t follow the standard template and if you enjoy the series there are currently 13 books published (should be 15 total) so it will give you some reading material for quite a while. The first book is called The Eye of the World


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