Boundless Reader Survey

I know so many have experienced Boundless’ extremely limited (word usage intentional) commenting. Well, they have a reader survey up there now at Boundless.org

I suggest you fill it out as they will see that for sure. Keep it civil tho lest they just toss your response into the recycle bin.


2 Responses to “Boundless Reader Survey”

  1. 2 T14 and laid off
    February 25, 2010 at 5:47 AM

    I used to comment at Boundless, and found that they did allow a certain latitude of thought.

    You have to remember that Boundless is a creation of Focus on the Family, a rigid and politically-connected pressure group. Even if the Boundless editors wanted to publish some comments (and they tend to be a little bit paternalistic, perhaps as a result of having small children), when the word comes down from on high in Colorado Springs, game over.

    I’ve noticed that when comments go the wrong way — when thoughtful young Christians have second thoughts about prohibiting gay marriage, or using torture in interrogations — the comments are quickly closed.

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