Pleasant Thoughts Friday

Came across the new Kellie Pickler video for her song Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You If country music isn’t your thing, just watch it on mute. Beautiful scenery in more ways than one!


1 Response to “Pleasant Thoughts Friday”

  1. 1 Doom
    April 27, 2013 at 6:12 AM

    Country isn’t exactly my thing… anymore. But I’m sometimes surprised, so keep an open mind. This song? Well, as a born heartbreaker… I just have to chuckle. Naivete and love is a sure bet to lose. I’ve changed my mind on some things. I’d just advise not giving up what a woman shouldn’t until the ring is securely on the finger. Otherwise all bets are off. *sly grins*

    Not my favorite song, but I did give it a shot. I did like the sound though. I think it was the topic that… threw it off for me. Way too many women wonder that. Way to many cads count on women thinking they can tame, or capture, a wild stallion, rogue, whatever with their body. Of course, it’s killing society too. It’s more complicated though. Caddishness was developed in response to feminism. Two extremes don’t make a right, but with one enforced by law, the law of nature will counter. Complicated. Unintended consequences? Or the goal?

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