What is Game?

It was asked, “What is Game” so I went and found a definition. This comes from the blog In Mala Fide, authored by Ferdinand Bardamu. I am reposting most of this on my blog for ease of reference, however the original post is here

game (\ˈgām\), noun – a set of male behaviors, attitudes, actions, and strategies designed to win the sexual attraction of females. SYNONYMS: seduction. (credit: “Game”*, Obsidian)


  • assertiveness – The ability to project your will on the world. The capability to direct situations to your benefit, insert yourself into the center of social interactions, and act on your own volition. (credit: Dave from Hawaii*, Josh Xiong, Roissy*, Strauss*)
  • calmness – The ability to remain unaffected by the emotional storms of those around you. The will to be a pillar of stability in a world of chaos. (credit: Dave from Hawaii*, Lupo*, Roissy*)
  • confidence – Complete faith in your ability to navigate the world. An unshakable belief in the righteousness of your actions. (credit: Bhetti, Dave from Hawaii*, Lupo*, Roissy*, Strauss*)
  • independence – The willingness to carve your own path through the world, while remaining mindful of those connected to you. (credit: “Bowen Theory – Differentiation of Self”*, Eumaios, OneSTDV, Roissy*)
  • indifference – The ability to avoid being overly invested in individual outcomes. The foresight to keep your eye on the bigger picture. (credit: Anakin Niceguy, Roissy*, Vörek*)
  • presentability – The ability to groom yourself and look good. The possession of style. (credit: Obsidian, Strauss*)
  • sociability – The skills to interact with other human beings. The capability to understand, relate to, and engage those around you. The ability to smile when appropriate and not take things too seriously. (credit: Strauss*, Vörek*)

I find that these very characteristics are desirable by all men regardless of whether a man seeks to bed every girl he can or desires to remain celibate.  When I look at Game, this is what I seek to learn and to make this a part of who I am. Not for women but for myself. One day I wold like to have a woman (or two) come with me on the ride of life and these qualities would serve me well should that happen. If it doesn’t happen then I will still be a stronger man and that is it’s own reward.


2 Responses to “What is Game?”

  1. 1 Ferdinand Bardamu
    October 28, 2009 at 8:09 PM

    Thanks for the link, dude.

  2. 2 bob
    January 22, 2010 at 2:29 PM

    The indifference and independence is what does it. Of course, once in a relationship, those change slightly… but you have to ensure that you maintain character.

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