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Pleasant Thoughts Friday

Came across the new Kellie Pickler video for her song Didn’t You Know How Much I Loved You If country music isn’t your thing, just watch it on mute. Beautiful scenery in more ways than one!


Motorcycles: The Ural Patrol

Since motorcycles have been brought up and there have been a few posts up at the Spear-Head I have been thinking again upon one that I want (for the record I do not own a motorcycle at this time)

The Patrol by Ural is essentially a WWII Russian military design and it has been in constant production since then. There have been some upgrades but it is not exactly a high-tech machine. The Patrol has the old styling with a detachable sidecar that has its own powered wheel which makes it a two wheel drive motorcycle which is capable of going where other sidecars cannot. Check out this guys photos of the 4 corners area. Of course many people take motorcycles to Moab, but sidcars don’t typically do too well there, so check out this video of a Ural tackling the snow. Can’t do that on a typical motorcycle. It is also renowned for its ease of maintenance which can often be repaired by its owner.

Of course, there are no claims to it being a powerhouse or speed demon. And some will certainly not like its retro look. But I say ‘F em, I want one. This is something that would be fun for a weekend getaway type bike or for adventure-biking which is something I am interested in as well.


Nice Guys

Sometimes I am amazed that I can learn some things so quickly, and yet others take me forever to pick up. Teach me a new system at work and I have it right away. But there are some things that I haven’t fully learned despite some 15 years of pop quizzes. I still struggle with the whole Nice Guy mentality.

So a history of sorts… 7-8 grade there was this girl Brandy who was quite the looker. On top of that she was one of the good girls. Being the nice guy and having been told that you should be friends first, that is what I did. And we had a lot in common. I was trying to convert from friend to boyfriend when in walk my friend Johnny. Johnny was a female Alpha (read loser) who was truly a troublemaker and on the wrong side of the line dividing society and sociopaths. Well, guess who she went for? Same timeframe, another girl that I liked did the same thing, tho with a different guy.

Age 17, dated a wonderful girl whom I am still friends with today. She was constantly torn between me and two bad boys, one to a lesser extent. I think I lost out on that one due to the sin of being too nice.

Age 18-19. Marissa, good looking girl that I had known for several years. Always close to converting it but always being too respectful of her (possibly read fearful of rejection?) and never did. She would go from guy to guy, she would have me meet them to get my opinion on them. I would give my opinion on them and she promptly dated them anyways. A few weeks or months later she would come crying to me that I was right and she should have listened, which of course she never did. I stopped caring about converting when I came to the realization that anyone who would continuously go against sane advice to be with bad boys was not worth it.

Age 20-26 or so I lived at the church. Very large church where due to my service everyone of any import knew me, and thats saying something in a multi-thousand member church. But living out a life of service didn’t help me either. I was the nice guy and continually saw the girls go instead to the various jackasses and losers. In fairness, not all of them did so. Some of them chose wisely and I don’t begrudge that. There are men that I can look at and state objectively that they are better men than I and losing out to one is no big deal. May the best man win and all that. Now you might think that 6 straight years of observation would be enough to cure me of NiceGuyitis. You’d think. Me? Ha! I am a slow learner in such things. This lasted thru marriage but I am going to purposely avoid the marriage years here as thats a whole ‘nother rant!

Now the above is not unique to me by any stretch of the imagination. We are plagued with Nice Guys in our society, all of them (us) suffering from the same lack of ability to make and maintain a meaningful connection with a woman. How to get past being Mr Nice Guy and create and maintain meaningful relationships with women is what I am looking to explore. Game gives some of those answers as well as others that will lead to the inability to have a meaningful connection, specifically the constant using of women as PUAs do. As mentioned by Arielle, the Bible has plenty of examples to look to. It is also worth noting that most of those men were polygamous and since niceguyitis doesn’t work with a single woman it surely would not have worked with multiple!


What is Game?

It was asked, “What is Game” so I went and found a definition. This comes from the blog In Mala Fide, authored by Ferdinand Bardamu. I am reposting most of this on my blog for ease of reference, however the original post is here

game (\ˈgām\), noun – a set of male behaviors, attitudes, actions, and strategies designed to win the sexual attraction of females. SYNONYMS: seduction. (credit: “Game”*, Obsidian)


  • assertiveness – The ability to project your will on the world. The capability to direct situations to your benefit, insert yourself into the center of social interactions, and act on your own volition. (credit: Dave from Hawaii*, Josh Xiong, Roissy*, Strauss*)
  • calmness – The ability to remain unaffected by the emotional storms of those around you. The will to be a pillar of stability in a world of chaos. (credit: Dave from Hawaii*, Lupo*, Roissy*)
  • confidence – Complete faith in your ability to navigate the world. An unshakable belief in the righteousness of your actions. (credit: Bhetti, Dave from Hawaii*, Lupo*, Roissy*, Strauss*)
  • independence – The willingness to carve your own path through the world, while remaining mindful of those connected to you. (credit: “Bowen Theory – Differentiation of Self”*, Eumaios, OneSTDV, Roissy*)
  • indifference – The ability to avoid being overly invested in individual outcomes. The foresight to keep your eye on the bigger picture. (credit: Anakin Niceguy, Roissy*, Vörek*)
  • presentability – The ability to groom yourself and look good. The possession of style. (credit: Obsidian, Strauss*)
  • sociability – The skills to interact with other human beings. The capability to understand, relate to, and engage those around you. The ability to smile when appropriate and not take things too seriously. (credit: Strauss*, Vörek*)

I find that these very characteristics are desirable by all men regardless of whether a man seeks to bed every girl he can or desires to remain celibate.  When I look at Game, this is what I seek to learn and to make this a part of who I am. Not for women but for myself. One day I wold like to have a woman (or two) come with me on the ride of life and these qualities would serve me well should that happen. If it doesn’t happen then I will still be a stronger man and that is it’s own reward.


Best Personal Ad Ever!

From Anoukange’s blog

If you were my man I would stand before you as an offer.  I would work to know you and dream your dreams with you.  I would vacuum in lace, I would time release my secrets and my desires to extend the ride of intrigue, I would be elegant on your arm and never question you in public, I would whisper dirty deeds into your ear and leave your thoughts to wander, I would keep my wrists skinny through out the years so that you may always pin them down with one hand only, I would give you the pillow you preferred, I will keep my skin firm, my muscles toned, my mind flexible, I would go deep, I would go down, I would cook your favorite foods, I would water your roots and iron your shirts, I would carry myself with class, I would fill your cupboard with Jack, I would kiss you with my hands on your face, I would sneak my foot up your leg under the table at dinner, I would steal glimpses of you in movie theaters and memorize your profile, I would keep my hair long and lush so you could pull it, I would absorb your stress and melt it, I would desire your brain, your ways and your pauses, I would trim your hair with precision, I would never stand in the way of your spirit, I would listen to your stories, I would digest you in inches, I would allow you your space and freedom, I would love you, hold you, fuck you, know you, believe in you, travel with you, stay in with you, drink with you, sleep beside you and live beside you.

A woman can either be a great blessing or a tremendous curse (Ecc 7:26) Sounds like this girl is the former and would make someone a tremendous catch.



Submission is so much less about the person to whom one must submit and so much more about the one who is choosing to submit. To yield personal desires and passions, drives and self-will to the authority and pervue of another requires insane amounts of trust.

Heidi wrote this over at Arielle’s and I thought it was interesting considering the conversation I had with my mother just today. She was telling me how the problems with relationships is that men don’t love like they are supposed to, after all men were commanded to love their wives.  I brought up the fact that right before that women were told to submit to their husbands. Her response? No one is going to do that anymore so it is irrelevant.

In her mind there is no disconnect between severing the female from all responsibility and yet still expecting all of the benefits. And in the end it is always the man’s fault somehow.


Gout Cure?

UPDATE: For additional info please see this update. Also see this new blog on gout About Gout: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Relief


For those of you who have it or know someone who does, you know just how painful it is. Gout is caused by a buildup of uric acid in the body and that acid crystallizes in the joints acting much like little daggers and feeling the same way. There are medicines to”treat” gout but they all have some pretty horrendous side affects, one such drug can cause your skin to slough off, or in my words, turn you into a zombie! So treating with drugs is rather risky in my mind. Some people find relief from the standard homeopathic things like cherries or cherry juice, but I found exactly zero relief from such things.

The things that cause gout to flare up for me are not the usual dietary things. For instance, the dietary guidelines talk about avoiding organ meats and herring as well as not eating too much meat in general. I fail on the third one (can’t eat wheat so I am rather limited) but the first two aren’t even in my diet (and I don’t eat hot dogs or bologna so I don’t get it there either.)  For me, its drinking too much soda. But its not just that. If I switch from soda and go to my standby of Gatorade I get the same reaction, tho I do drink a lot more gatorade than I do of soda. Now nothing on the internet refers to such a connection and I have been assured by my doctor that there is no chemical reason for that as the sugar in those do not translate to uric acid. I believe my doctor but there has been an undeniable connection there for me.

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So what does work? I found a so-called two-hour cure. The formula is really quite esoteric and outrageously expensive. Seriously! You have to drive to the nearest walmart to pick up a box of baking soda** (Cost: Approx. 50 cents)  and then drive all the way home and mix 1/4 teaspoon with 8 ounces of water and drink that several times per day, never to exceed 4 tsps a day. Guess what? It works! Starts to take the pain and swelling away within 90 minutes for me. But why does that work? I did some searching and as near as I can tell there is no chemical reaction between backing soda and uric acid so it had to be elsewhere.

PH Level

Water has a pH of 7 but the body must maintain the blood’s pH level in a very strict range of 7.35-7.45. Its an incredibly small range with which to work and in order to keep this particular range it will do two things. 1) Store excess acid in body tissue 2) Leech calcium from the bones to bring up the pH. Now the standard western diet is already acidic but when you add in soda it becomes much worse. The linked site shows that Coke has a pH of 2.63 and Gatorade a pH of 2.95. So by drinking these in excess I have been bringing my pH level down. Likely down far enough to bring on a state of acidosis. I can’t prove that perhaps but it is likely seeing as my consumption of soda can be 3-6 cans a day and as I make my own Gatorade using the mix there is no telling just how much of that I drink. Of course, for some most people that isn’t a problem as their body is in proper working condition, but unfortunately I am apparently not one of them.

What I found is that baking soda has a PH of 8.3, whereas water has a neutral PH of 7. So by drinking in this 8.3 PH water mixture I am bringing up my bodies’ pH level from a state of acidosis to one approaching normal. This allows my body to take the acid and put it back in the bloodstream to be processed by the kidneys as it should be. But to be honest, I found the adding of baking soda to be tedious and tho it doesn’t taste bad at all it does make the water “slick” which is rather different. Plus I had to monitor my intake and keep out a separate glass  and it was kinda like medicine so I used it in that manner which means I only took it when I hurt enough to take something for the pain. There had to be something better right?

Well, I found that something better it in the form of Alkaline Water. There are numerous companies*** out there that make drops to add to your water and there is even one company that bottles alkaline water. The latter seems like it might be more expensive in the long run so I chose some drops from Alkazone which were the only ones I could buy locally. The vitamin shop sells them for $21 and and they have proven to be incredibly simplistic and therefore get used with just about every glass of water that I drink throughout the day.
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So for anyone who has gout or knows someone with gout, I strongly urge you to try the baking soda remedy** above and see if it works for you.  If it helps to relieve your gout you may want to consider an easier option in bottled water or drops to add to your water like I use.

* FCC disclaimer: I am not getting free product nor pay for this review. However, I AM open to money or free product if anyone wants to provide it! (o=

** Baking Soda contains a fair amount of salt. Please moderate salt intake while using it or how that fits into a restricted salt intake.

***Another company whose product I would like to try is from ph-ion
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With pH-ion there are two different bottles where the minerals come separately from the alkaline booster whereas Alkazone puts them in the same bottle. Is there a difference? Dunno. However if you are interested in getting pH strips you could compare.